Kiva Birthday Cake Bar


Now you can eat your cake and feel it too! The Birthday Cake Kiva Bar tastes like gourmet lemon-vanilla cake topped with whipped buttercream frosting and celebratory sprinkles. Infused with cold water hash for a multi-layered experience, this bar is one delish birthday wish come true.



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Do Kiva bars get you high?

Yes, Kiva chocolate bars will certainly get you high since they contain 5mg THC per serving. Some Kiva edibles contain CBD as well, however, which might make you more sleepy and less euphoric.

Is Kiva chocolate sativa or indica?

Kiva chocolates don’t have either indica or sativa effects since they don’t contain any terpenes. Expect to experience balanced, hybrid effects when you consume this brand’s chocolate products.

Are Kiva chocolate bars strong?

Kiva chocolate THC edibles are perfectly strong at 5mg per dose. If you eat even half the bar, you’re bound to get quite blitzed.

Chocolate bar edibles comparison: Is Kiva the best option?

After trying quite a few different edibles products from this brand, it’s our confident opinion that Kiva makes the best chocolate bar edibles you can buy in California or anywhere else adult-use cannabis is sold. Whether it’s this brand’s s’mores bar or any other flavor, Kiva goes the extra mile when it comes to flavor, potency, and most other important categories. If you can’t decide which brand of THC edibles to try the next time you’re hankering for a chocolate bar, definitely put Kiva at the top of your list.

Milk chocolate bar comparison: How does Kiva compare to normal chocolate?

In many cases, adding THC to a treat makes it taste worse. Actually, the only exception we’ve found to this rule is Kiva — chocolate bars from Kiva taste the same or better than conventional chocolate bars. This brand has shown how the bitter, yet unique, taste of cannabis extract can be an addition, not a detriment to a delicious, beloved confection like chocolate.

Is Kiva chocolate sativa or indica?

Unlike other brands, Kiva doesn’t focus so much on the indica-sativa divide when formulating products. Instead, Kiva uses cannabis with both indica and sativa properties, resulting in products that provide an overall hybrid effect. Optimizing its products for hybrid effects allows Kiva to focus on its main mission — making cannabis edibles unbelievably delicious.

What are the best Kiva edibles for sleep?

If you’re looking for the best Kiva THC edible to eat before going to bed at night, you should definitely give this brand’s Midnight Mint Dark Chocolate with CBN a try. This dark and delicious chocolate bar has been infused with 40mg CBN per pack, which, alongside THC, provides surprisingly relaxing effects. This bar is designed specifically for sleep, so put it first on your list of Kiva products to try for insomnia or other sleep-related conditions.

Is there a full list of Kiva edibles ingredients?

We really like how Kiva makes it so easy to find the ingredients for all of its products right on the product page. A full list of the ingredients present in the Kiva S’mores Bar, for instance, includes:

  • Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk, Unsweetened Chocolate, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanilla)
  • Marshmallow (Sugar, Corn Syrup, Modified Starch, Gelatin, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Artificial Flavor, Natural Flavor, Artificial Color (Blue 1))
  • Graham Cracker (Whole Grain Wheat, Corn Meal, Sugar, Brown Sugar Syrup, Canola And/Or Sunflower Oil, Honey, Baking Soda, Salt, Glucose, Trisodium Phosphate, Natural Flavor)
  • Natural Flavors
  • Cannabis Extract

So, a person could not credibly accuse Kiva of using all-natural ingredients in its THC chocolate bars. But hey, it’s the flavor that matters, right?

Does Kiva make the best indica chocolate bar?

We wouldn’t describe Kiva’s THC chocolate bars as being particularly indica-leaning, but we would say that Kiva makes the best cannabis chocolate bars around. If you’re looking for a Kiva bar that will help you feel relaxed, we would recommend the Kiva CBN:THC Midnight bar, which is formulated to be used in the evening or before bed. It might be nice if Kiva chocolate bars contained indica terpenes, but then again, terpenes could be a chocolatier’s nightmare ingredient.

Does Kiva make the best THC milk chocolate bar?

Yes, we would say that the Kiva Milk Chocolate Bar is the best-tasting THC milk chocolate you can buy in the adult-use market. It might not have the best ingredients or be the truest to the authentic cannabis experience, but it tastes like chocolate and gets you high — the two highest priorities of people who want to eat weed chocolate. If you want to try the Kiva Bar Milk Chocolate Cannabis Edible but you’re afraid it will taste weird, rest assured that it tastes amazing while also being plenty potent.

Does Kiva make the best weed box of chocolate you can buy?

Kiva doesn’t make any chocolate boxes that we are aware of, but if they did, we’re sure you’d be talking as slow as Forrest Gump by the end of it. On the contrary, Kiva certainly makes the best THC chocolate bars we’ve ever eaten, each of which is enough to slow things down for even the brightest bulbs among us. Eat a piece or two, and prepare to get spaced out on Kiva.

Is Kiva’s THC milk chocolate bar packing easy to open?

Kiva doesn’t do much in the way of childproofing, so its THC chocolate bars are quite easy to open. In fact, this is one of the only detriments of Kiva that we can think of — Kiva chocolate bars look just like normal chocolate and are pretty easy for kids to get into if left unattended. Parents, observe an excess of caution.

Are infused chocolate bars worth it?

Yes, in our opinion, high-quality THC-infused chocolate bars from respected brands like Kiva are worth it because:

  • They don’t cost any more than other edibles per milligram
  • They provide a break from the constant litany of gummies

Sure, cannabis-infused chocolate bars won’t be worth it to you if you don’t like getting high and don’t want to spend money. Those who buy edibles anyway, though, will not be turned away by the experiences provided by top-shelf weed chocolate bars.

What is the THC dosage of Kiva edibles?

Most Kiva edibles contain 100mg THC per package, broken up into 10mg doses. Some Kiva weed edibles may have different dosages, though, so make sure to look closely at the package before making assumptions about the Kiva edible you’re buying.

What is the delivery method in the body of the Kiva THC bar?

Kiva THC chocolate bars begin to absorb through your mouth as you slowly chew and savor your delicious weed chocolate. Then, the full effects of your Kiva chocolate kick in as your body digests the chocolate you ate. There’s nothing that strange about the way Kiva chocolate bars work in your body — it’s the same as any other orally ingested THC product.