Paying with Wire Transfer

You can make the payment through wire transfer; Western Union, MoneyGram, World Remit, Ria Money. Only place your order when you are ready with your payment at hand. You have 24hrs to summit the payment after order is been made, if not the order will be cancelled and you will be prohibited from using our service.

How to Pay with Western Union, MoneyGram, Walmart and Ria

You can pay through Western Union, MoneyGram, Walmart, Ria Money, World Remit with cash at agent location or online through their websites. All wire transfer payments are expected to be summited within 24 hrs of placing order. If not your order will cancelled and you will be banned automatically from using our services.

Choose you product, add to cart, procced to checkout and choose Wire Transfer as your payment method. Summit your order and you will receive the payment detail to use in making the payment.

Find any Western Union, MoneyGram or Walmart store in your location. You can find their locations on Google maps. If you cant find their store you can do an online payment. Click here to go to

Once you find a location, take cash to the sore and ask to send money, a form will be giving to you to fill. Fill the form with the information that was giving to you to make the payment at the end of your order.

Take a full clear picture of the payment receipt. Go to our payment upload page, upload the receipt there or simply send via SMS through (973) 531-7017 or through Email to