Thank you for choosing us. Please contact us to apply for your medical marijuana card online (mmic). and a medical practitioner will be there to help you out. if you have any question before beginning the medical marijuana card application online, email or live chat with us. Our staffs are always here for you. Don’t forget renewal of your medical marijuana card (mmic) is free!!!


Wondering if you are a qualify patient to obtain a medical marijuana card for your medical cannabis? At the age of 19 you can apply and obtain the medical card (mmic) for your medical cannabis anywhere and anytime with us due to your illness and condition,
It does not matter what Provence you are in order to apply for your medical card, it will take a maximum of five days to get your medical card to get your cannabis freely.

Older People

Are you 50+? considering your medication options? Looking for option to opioids? patients kidney failure who can no longer take certain pain medications but still need to manage chronic pain, to patients in their 90s, who are looking for a good night’s sleep and are leery of the side effects of traditional sleep medications. medical cannabis for older people offers safe new options to older pharmaceutical with know side effects. edibles, oils, capsule, gel and oral spray all makes dosage simple and safe, Medical cannabis information