Yes, weedcartell is the most reliable top shelf flowers online medical marijuana supplier, plug, vendor of the moment. you can count on us we treat our customers like we are one big family and as long as you always through out with your own end of the deal smoothly, you’ll always get the best in terms of prices and quality.

We have topshelf flowers online.
We have top quality products only.
We have the best prices in the market at the moment.
We have a verity of all product, different strains, and strains.
We are prompt with delivery in or out of state/ country.
We keep to our words, we do exactly what we say.
We keep our customers close.
We are consistent and will always be.
We are marijuana activists, no complicated verification.
We are leading in the industry.

We ship everywhere in the Us, Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe. if you are in Asia contact us with your country and city.


. Us: 24 hours delivery, Overnight, 2-3 days Delivery option.
. Canada: 24 hours weed delivery, Overnight, 2 days Delivery option.
.Australia: 3 days Delivery.
.Europe: 3-5 days, same day for some parts of the UK Delivery option.
.Asia: 5 days Delivery option.

No, not necessary. we are called the weed ATM because we are the quickest and the easiest place where you can get your weed without questioning. Except you have additional questions. you can place and complete your order without saying a word to each other.

We do not accept to meet with first-time customers. We can only meet with returning customers with a good history of purchase as well as good faith.

No, you do not need any license or paperwork to purchase from weedcartell. We are on a mission to make top shelf medical marijuana available for everyone who need it but cannot go through the tedious process of getting a license. We have a set of rules that ensures safety, and only the serious customers will be able to Deal.

We reject any order that we deem it suspicious, Do not worry because we always refund every order that is rejected. Reasons why orders are been rejected and refunded.

.If the client disrespect our staff and uses foul language.
.If we deem the client can not handle the transaction directly.
If the client shows lacks of experience in the cannabis field.
.If the client is playing around and do not take business serious.
.If the client is not acting in good faith.
.If the client has once trick the payment system.

Keep everything straight, simple and smooth for successful purchase.

This is because calls will prevent other customers trying to reach us from getting a fast and timely response. With text message, we are able to attain to a good number of people at the same time without congestion.

If you are in the US or Canada, the best way to contact us is via Text Message( No Calls, always Text First) see phone number on the contact page.

If you are in any other location, the best way to contact is via live chat, email to, wickr: weedcartell, always follow the information on the contact page.

click here to contact page

No, you will not get into any trouble placing an order with We have put every measures in place to ensure the safety and discretion of our clients. we’ve been in the cannabis community for a long time now we started small now we are global. We have a couple of dispensaries, retailers, patients depending on us and our products. We do not play games because we know the importance of marijuana.

If you are in the United State, Bitcoin, Gift cards, Zelle, Cashapp, Wire transfer see more on the checkout page. See payment methods listed on the checkout page.

If you are in Canada, you can easily pay with Bitcoin, Visa gift cards, Gift cards and Wire transfer. See payment methods listed on the checkout page.

Moat client prefer mailing cash which was at first fine with us but we can notice for some reasons some of the cash arrives late, some never get to us and some incomplete.

These caused alot of problem between some clients and us. As a solution to this problem we started accepting gift cards and they are similair to mailing cash, they are fast more reliable and Discreet.

Where to get Gift cards 
You can find gift cards in a Walmart, CVS store, 7/11, Dollar General, or any similar store, get your cash get the gift card with the amount you wish to place your order scratch the back of the card where indicated take a photo of the both side of the card including the receipt and upload the photos of the card. Its Easy and Simple, Gift card are second discreet payment method after crypto.

Its simple to pay with gift card, simply go to a Walmart store, CVS, 7/11, Dollar General or Walgreen. Buy the Gift Card with your desire amount and send photos of the both sides of the cards to complete your order.

Walmart Gift Card

Vanilla Visa Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

We accept all Gift Cards.

Most of our client resent payment using PayPal or credit card because they carry a lot of personal information.
All payment with credit cards are completely traceable. The buyer can be traced to their doorstep.
This is the reason why we don’t accept PayPal or credit card payment. Most client prefer staying anonymous which is safer for the both parties. Nevertheless we accept PayPal (Friends and Family option). See checkout page for the various payment methods we accept at the point.

All packaged are shipped same day after payments is made and tracking number is given to you when the package is been registered for delivery. Tracking number is given via Email or SMS.

We have sturdy the relationship with our courier services, this enable prompt delivery without delays.

Within the States
If you are in California, Washington DC, Colorado, we can deliver to you the same day. This also applies to location within the UK and Canada.

Delivery out of States
Shipping within the US will take 2 days at most, Overnight delivery is also available in some locations and always cost extra.

International Delivery
International delivery will take at  most 5 days despite your location.

Yes, you can track your package both on website or on the courier website if available.

For tracking your package on, go to the track my order page. Once on the page use your order number and billing email address( the email you used it placing your order) to track your order.

For tracking on the courier website, Once your package is been registered we will send you the tracking number and the courier weblink with whom your package was shipped. You can then use the tracking number to track the progress of your package. Always contact us if you have any problem.

Yes, we always issue refunds or replace a missing package. check out our terms of use for our refunds policies

You don not necessarily need a medical card or license to place any order with us.
Nevertheless we will have to ask you some simple question in order to deal with you. This to eliminate all client not in good faith from dealing with us. The marijuana community is driven by love and peace so we ask for mutual respect from our clients.

Weedcartell has been in business for over 18 of satisfying our clients with top shelf weed deliveries online, we have been serving dispensaries, retailers, brokers, patients before the our online dispensary presence. Visit our about us page for more.

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