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Camino are for every taste, tolerance, and occasion. With a variety of terpene-tailored effects and delicious fruit flavors, we invite you to explore Camino edibles, which includes sativa gummies, hybrid gummies, and Indica gummies.

Camino Gummies are featuring terpene-tailored effects with delicious, fresh fruit flavors and all-natural ingredients, Camino gummies enhance your state of mind and optimize every experience.

Camino Sours boast 10mg THC per piece, a bright, tart flavor, and tasty texture combined with terpene-tailored effects. These vegan gummies are made with pectin, dusted in sour sugar, and doused with vivid flavor.

Camino Fruit Chews Individually wrapped and deliciously chewy, these taffy-like pieces are bursting with sweet fruit flavors that linger on the palate. Each vegan chew is made with real fruit inspired by the classic varieties you find in an orchard or on a nature walk.

How to open camino gummies / How to open camino gummies tin
The Camino gummies open the same way as our Terra tins – push down and turn there you go. and the gummies inside the tins hasn’t change as well. 

Where to buy Camino gummies
We’ve got camino edibles, you’ve got options to choose in our variety of camino edibles near you at we have THC gummies, CBD Gummies, chocolate, chews available in Australia online

How many camino gummies should i take
Weedcartel recommends users with higher tolerances, though, should take at least two 5mg Camino gummies at a time to ensure long-lasting and potent effects.

How long do camino gummies last
For an inexperienced user, eating a single Camino gummy might provide effects that last as long as two hours. Users with higher tolerances, though, should take at least two Camino gummies at a time to ensure long-lasting and potent effects.


Edibles can enhance every communal experience – from a delectable meal to a dazzling concert – by reducing your angst, boosting your mood, and pleasantly amplifying sights and sounds.


Edibles create a naturally long-lasting calming effect that can help ease tensions and help you drift off to sleep.


Edibles help you relax on your own terms by offering a natural way to let your worries go, enjoy the present moment, and manage the stress of daily life.


Go with the flow without your mind getting in the way. Edibles’ ability to provide sustained sensory enhancement is ideal for amorous and adventurous couples.

Pain Relief
Edibles have helped many people dealing with chronic pain and illnesses. Talk to your doctor to discover how cannabis might help you manage your condition.