This agreement was last modified on 10 January 2020

Here are Few Rules you must follow to deal with us!!!


. All payments are made up front. The client must place their order on the website, through text or wickr and make the payments before we can proceed with the package and delivery.

.We accept all form of discreet anonymous payment. we don not accept Paypal or process credit card payment. This is to secure the buyer’s identity and ensure discretion and confidentiality. Bitcoin, other crypto currencies and gift cards are our preferred payment methods.

. Payments are made in full or as agreed or negotiated at the time of purchase. The package will not be delivered until the agreed payment is made in full.

Must follow
.Only contact us or place an order when you are ready and have the funds to pay for your order.

. We will NOT Meet up with customers who have never bought an item from us before.

. We will only Meet up or give Consignments to customers who have made repeated purchases with us before and have been of good conduct.

. The ordering process is simple, you place your order, make the payment and we deliver.

. We can accept partial Payments for orders above $10,000 AUD.

. All orders are handled on the website and all payments are made upfront. No COD.

. We will only consider Cash on Delivery for Old customers.

. We will not engage in a discussion that is not related to our products or services.

. Before writing a bad review, please first contact us, we will definitely solve the problem in most cases.


On our honor we declared that all product products and services are of top quality. We guarantee you the best of what you need and our products will serve the purpose which is been purchased for as effectively as possible.

.We assure you that we will do our best to deliver all package within the given time frame everything being equal. We will never delay any delivery no matter the distance.


. All shipping expenses are bored by the buyer in cases where necessary.

. The Buyer has the right to choose their preferred shipping mode. These include; Regular, 2 days Priority and Priority express. Cost of shipping to be covered by the Buyer.

. Delivery is doorstep drop-off only.  Shipping and delivery is only initiated after the payment has been completed in full.

. We are not responsible for packages that get missing due to the failure of the buyer to pay for the shipping process.


  • .Even though 99% of all our shipments go through successfully. Nonetheless, if the customer has waited for over a week and still has not gotten their order delivered, if no proof of delivery is present, we will send a second package. A shipment can only be replaced once.
  • .Our products are 100% high quality and we do not modify your order in any way without your prior consent. However, if the customer feels that the product quality does not meet their expectation or if the package is lost and the customer does not want a shipment replacement, we will issue a refund.

If the customer does not like the product quality and wants to file for a refund,

  • .They must not consume over an eighth of the product for cannabis buds and a gram for concentrates or cartridges.
  • .They must contact us with their complaint within 3 days of receiving the order.
  •  .They must hold the product intact and ready, we will set up a pickup date and location then one of our agents will pick up the rejected order from the agreed location in the customer’s state.

We will not replace a shipment or issue a refund in the following cases.

.The carelessness of the customers in receiving the package. Most packages are sent with the option of NO SIGNATURE upon arrival, so the customer must be on alert so as to receive the shipment once it is delivered. We will not take responsibility for a missing package due to the customer’s negligence.

  • .The customer did not pay for the shipping and delivery charges. As mentioned above, the customer is solely responsible for this payment in cases where it is needed.
  • .The Customer is acting unscrupulously. If the customer has a reputation of always asking for a packaged replacement then we will not replace their missing shipment no matter the case.
  • Customer misspells their delivery address. The customer must double-check their delivery address before submitting their order.
  • .The customer failed to contact us within 3 days of receiving the order.
  • .The customer has consumed more than an eighth of the product in the case of bud and more than a gram of the product in the case of concentrates or cartridges.
  • .The customer is not acting in good faith.
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