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  • Concentrated THCA Diamonds
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1G Clean, Strong jeeter juice liquid diamond concentrate – The Jeeter Juice Liquid Diamond Vape Cartridge boxes have been changed due to the high rate of fake jeeter liquid diamond carts in Michigan, California and other states. It seems the Juice was TOO loose for Arizona! Due to stricter regulations in the state of Arizona, changes needed to be made on the jeeter concentrate packaging.. Simply put, the look is different, but the product remains the same. the package must carry Jeeter Concentrate on it pack.

Available Flavor/Strains
Apple Fritter Concentrate (hybrid)
Blue ZKZ Concentrate (indica)
Blueberry Kush Concentrate (indica)
Bubba Gum Concentrate (indica)
Cannalope Concentrate (indica)
Gelato Concentrate (hybrid)


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