Animal Mints Strain

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Animal Mints strain
Hybrid Strain
THC level 20-35%
CBD 2%
Qp, Hp, Lbs

Animal Mints strain is a hybrid that combines the effects of Indica and Sativa giving you a  perfect balance.

Possible Effects
Energy bursts
Good Appetite.

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If you are looking forward to buy animal mint here are some information you need to know

About Animal Mint
Animal Mint strain was first bred by the cultivars from the Seed Junky Genetics in California with an intent to create a hybrid that balances the effects and qualities of Indica and Sativa perfectly producing this long-lasting and diverse trip that bounces from fully sedative to more or less energizing.

Possible effects
The effects of Animal Mints marijuana strain are diverse and even unpredictable. Most smokers report a relaxing effect, a strong couch-lock, lightness in the head, good mood, good appetite, and some sporadic bursts of energy.

What this weed is great for is killing the pain. This weed has a strong relaxing effect upon your body, so it is great for relieving physical aches and pains. With its rather high THC content of around 20%-35%, it really is a potent natural painkiller, so you might want to give it a shot after you consult with your doctor.


Qp, Hp, Lbs