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Kanha Peach 4:1 Gummies – 4:1 CBD Peach Gummies – Kanha Gummies Near Me – Kanha Infused Gummies

100mg CBD x 25mg THC per bag
10mg CBD/piece // 2.5mg THC/piece

The peach, a stone fruit that originated in Ancient China, delights the palate with gentle floral sweetness spiked with sour and tangy notes. Packing all this flavor in a fluffy-soft base, 4:1 Peach CBD delivers 10mg of CBD and a 2.5mg microdose of THC in each gummy, with an added kick of flavors and aromas from terpenes like limonene, α-humulene and myrcene. With limited THC elevation, this gummy supports focus and concentration while providing the relaxing benefits of ample CBD content.