Tsumo Snacks Classic Cheese Crunchers


These are basically what they look like: Cheetos that get you high. Actually, they’re probably better than Cheetos based on their ingredients and flavor profile.

In addition to capturing the nostalgia of a favorite childhood snack, Tsumo’s Classic Cheese Crunchers are also absolutely delicious on their own merits with no noticeable cannabis taste. Move over chocolates and gummies: Cheeto lookalikes are the new kings of the edibles industry.


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The exact shade of orange used on Tsumo’s heavy-duty foil-bag packaging may be more the color of Cheez Whiz than Cheetos, but it’s close enough to give you a basic idea of the flavor profile in-store when you open up this sturdily constructed bag of edible snacks.

Unlike so many edibles (and conventional natural snacks for that matter), the size of Tsumo’s Classic Cheese Crucher’s bag almost exactly matches the volume of snacks inside.


  • Blissful
  • Stimulate my mind
  • Hang with friends
  • Euphoric


  • Cannabinoid content: 100mg of THC per bag, 20 pieces equals a serving
  • Head high: 4/5
  • Body high: 3/5


For us, the snack was just as good as the THC it contained. Well worth the average price of a 100mg THC edible.

Activation & Duration

These edibles didn’t kick in any faster or slower than we expected. No complaints.

  • Activation time: 40 minutes
  • Effects lasted for: About 1 hour
  • Negative effects: None


The packaging is simple yet effective. Tsumo edibles are clearly the result of a lot of funding and creative effort. The package is easy to reseal and sturdily built.

  • Packaging: 5/5

Flavor & Aroma

There’s a strongly cheesy aroma when you open the bag. These edibles have a cheesy, Cheeto-esque flavor profile. The crunchy cornmeal adds a nice texture to the Classic Cruncher. There’s a hardly noticeable cheesy cornmeal aftertaste — no THC.

  • Flavor profile: Cheesy, light cannabis flavor
  • Flavor: 5/5

Cheeto Edibles Review – Target Audience + FAQs

Usually, you get the Cheetos after you get high, but this approach kills two birds with one… stone. And stoned you will get, for these Cheetos are not your average garden-variety crunchy sticks with bags bedecked in cool cats. If you eat the whole bag, you may even begin to peer into the very essence of what it is to be a Cheeto.

Loud Snacks edibles vs. TSUMoSNACKS

To our knowledge, the only edibles that the THC brand “Loud” offers are Rice Krispy Treats that cost $60. So, we would definitely side with Tsumo’s line of impeccable chips and crackers over Loud’s edibles.

TSUMoSNACKS Classic Cheese Crunchers vs. Nacho Cheese Corn Chips

Both Tsumo snacks are the perfect edible chips for any occasion, but the THC brand’s Cheese Crunchers are best for Cheeto fans while Nacho Cheese Corn Chips should be left to lovers of the equally legendary Frito.

Can I buy TSUMoSNACKS Classic Cheese Crunchers online?

Yes, it’s often possible to buy Tsumo Snacks products for delivery via platforms like Amuse and Eaze. Tsumo products are also featured prominently in subscription boxes from Nugg Club. If you are searching for weed-infused snacks, we strongly recommend TSUMoSNACKS.