WYLD Sour Apple Gummies


These gummies get an A+ for their impeccable sour apple flavor — it’s one of the best gummy flavors and aftertastes we’ve ever tasted. Overall, these WYLD edibles offer excellent daytime effects accompanied by a delicious, nostalgic flavor.


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These gummies come in the standard geometric WYLD packaging. The round, plastic container housing the gummies is encased in a six-pointed box that opens up like a beautiful lotus flower.

Unfolding all of the angles finally presents the white plastic container holding the gummies. The plastic container is firm, and its safety lock is strong. Feel free to throw it in a bag on the go. To open it, you have to firmly pinch two sides with two separate fingers.

  • The gummies are a light-green color like lime juice
  • Each gummy is about one inch long and half an inch wide
  • They are about the height of 2.5 pennies
  • The final touch is sugar crystals dusting the top of the gummy
  • It’s very flexible
  • More like a jelly than a gummy
  • If you pinch it, it won’t break, so it does take a little more force to rip it
  • Not too chewy
  • Easily breaks apart in your mouth
  • Does not stick to your teeth
  • We aren’t aware of any other recommendable THC edibles with a similar sour apple flavor
  • Effects

    • Creative
    • Stimulate my mind
    • Euphoric
    • Daytime
    • Morning
    • Ideal for office workers


    • Cannabinoid content: 100mg THC, Under 2mg CBD
    • Head high: 3/5
    • Body high: 2/5

    Activation & Duration

    These gummies kick in within the average window, and they offer long-lasting, buzzing sativa effects. There were two hours of strong effects with two gummies that slowly cooled off in the final third hour. Hour three was not as effective as hours one and two.

    • Activation time: 40 minutes
    • Effects lasted for: 2-3 hours
    • Negative effects: None


    WYLD’s packaging is a delight to open. We liken the experience of using WYLD edibles to enjoying high-quality sushi at a 5-star bar.

    • Packaging: 5/5

    Flavor & Aroma

    There’s a strong apple punch aroma when you open the white plastic container. The aroma lingers for a moment and dissipates. It’s a nice sour, pine aroma that lasts for a few seconds.

    • Flavor profile: Apple, Sour, Pine, Herbal
    • Flavor: 5/5

Are WYLD gummies sativa or indica?

WYLD offers both indica and sativa gummies. An example of an indica WYLD edible is the brand’s Sour Cherry Gummies, and we’d say that WYLD’s Sour Apple Gummies are the company’s best sativa edibles.

How many WYLD edibles should I eat?

We recommend chewing up 1-2 WYLD edibles at a time. For a more potent experience, increase your dose to 3-4 gummies.

Can you buy WYLD Sour Apple Gummies online?

Yes, it’s often possible to buy WYLD Sour Apple Gummies online if you live in California or another legalized cannabis state in which deliveries are allowed.